The main assault rifle used by the counter terrorists in Counter-Strike. IRL, it is used by the Austrian army, and seems to be made mostly of high impact plastic, and enamelled aluminium. A bullpup configuration rifle with integrated optical sights. An unloaded weight of just over 3 kg, and a length of 31 inches with the 20" barrel attached. There's no mode selector, just a dual purpose trigger. Squeeze to the first sear stop, and it fires in semi-auto. Squeeze a little farther, and you have full automatic. Guns aren't my field, so I'll leave it to someone who knows this stuff to go into detail.

In CS, I'd say that this is probably the best weapon in the game. Fearsomly effective at close range, yet retaining deadly accuracy at longer ranges. It gives a 1.5x zoom (I guessed 2x before, but tzun knows better, so I'll go with him), which while not exactly making it a sniper rifle, still allows you to pick off enemies at a fair range. The report this thing puts out will terrify anyone with a decent sound card. For full effect, unload a full clip into any terrorists you encounter, SAS style. The rifle still has a kick, though not as heavy as the Sig's, so short bursts are best when any distance is involved between you and the target.