Some tech specs:
  • CPU: 2 x Hitachi SH-2 @28.6 MHz, 25 MIPS
  • APU: Motorola 68EC00 @ 22.6 MHz
  • DSP: Yamaha FH-1 @ 11.3 MHz (FM, PCM, 32 voices)
  • VRAM: 1.5 MB SDRAM
  • SRAM: 512 kB
  • CD Buffer: 512 kB
  • ROM: 512 kB
  • CD Controller: Hitachi SH-1
  • CD-ROM: 2x JVC mechanism, 320 kB/sec transfer rate
  • Playfields: 5 background, 2 rotation
  • Resolution: 352 x 224, 640 x 224
  • Colours: 24 bit palette, 32 000 onscreen
  • Dual frame buffer
  • MPEG Interface
  • Cartridge Slot
  • Battery Backup (32K)

The Saturn may not have Gunhed, or R-Type, but if you want a system with a lot of shoot 'em ups, I'd say it's easily on par with the PC Engine. Examples: Radiant Silvergun, Soukyugurentai, Shienryu, Donpachi, Dodonpachi, Strikers 1945 (& II), Thunderforce V, Thunderforce Goldpack 1 & 2, Sexy Parodius, The Game Paradise, Silhouette Mirage, Assault Suits Leynos 2, Batsugun, Battle Garegga, Arcade Gears: X-Multiply and Image Fight, Arcade Gears: Gun Frontier, Layer Section, and lots more. Just leave some for me! :)

The other thing the Saturn is famous for (asside from Sega games of course) is the near perfect conversions it recieved of SNK and Capcom's arcade games; particularly near the end of it's life-span, when they took advantage of the 1 and 4 megabyte memory upgrades. Some of the SNK stuff: Metal Slug (1M), King of Fighters '95 (ROM cartridge), '96 (1M), and '97 (1M), Real Bout Garoudensetsu Special (4M). Some of the Capcom stuff: Marvel Superheroes (1M), X-Men Vs Streetfighter (4M), Vampire Savior (4M), Pocket Fighter (4M), Street Fighter Zero 3 (4M), Capcom Generations 1-5.

And if you want some RPGs, I recommend you check out Dark Savior, Shining the Holy Ark, Shining Force 3, and Panzer Dragoon Saga (if you're ever lucky enough to find a copy that is).