IMHO the best strategy game ever made. The only real similarities FFT had to the "real" Final Fantasy are the traditional ones: Same spells, character classes, chocobos, and a character named Cid (Thundergod Cid to be exact). Other than that, there are almost no similarities. The battle mode is totally new. Each battle is set on a 3D grid where you fight in turn based battles. Each turn consisted of 1 move and 1 action. Most of the non-battle portions of the games are done on menus and on the world map (You can't "explore" the towns).

Even though this is supposed to be an RPG, the translation is really bad and the story is slow and uninteresting, but who cares? The battles are a blast! They are very challenging, very long, and require much thought and participation. You don't just keep selecting Attack off a menu over and over like most RPGs. And they never get to the point where they are too easy either because enemies level up as the party does. There are hundreds of spells and techniques to learn. You will be playing this game for a long time. Unfortuantly the game went out of print. It is tragic, but you can still purchase the game on eBay (if you are willing to pay for the nose for it). Look for this one. It is a true PSX classic.