My day sucks. I know that generally you're not supposed to complain on and on, but I do anyway.

My girlfriend called about two hours ago. Said "Honey, I think that we should see other people." Sooooo I got depressed, drunk, and had sex with the neighbor girl, or some whore named Megan. Then my girlfriend called and said "I want you back Lemur." And that was that. I suppose that that was more like twenty-two hours ago but what the hell.

Then my dad bursts into my room shouting some shit like "You beat your sister with an axe? I'm going to kill you" or some shit like that, and then kicks me out. I'm confused because my sisters fine, and at a friends house. I call my dad from next door and point that out, and he says that he's sorry, and some police officer called a wrong number, or something like that, and he wan'ts me to come home.

Now I did some fucked up writeup about southern jokes, and then I get downvoted to hell. Woes to wary noders...

I know that if you are a new Noder, than you may be relatively unfamiliar with the Everything 2 system. Well, I have posted this Write Up to help you assure you that your write up's are not alone in Node Heaven. These are my suggestions.

-Don't be downcast if your first few write up's get negative votes. My first write up got 2 negative votes before getting eaten, all within the first five minutes of posting it.

-If you're first write up (henceforth abbreviated as "w/u") gets eaten, don't be discouraged. Check your Chatterbox. Chances are, the Editor who ate your w/u sent you a reason for eating it. If not, /msg them by typing "/msg username" and your message. Example:

"/msg LerrisofRecluse This is an example..."

I hope that these help you. Remember:

Don't get discouraged. Just get advice and listen to it with an open mind.

I would like thank the following users, and suggest that if you need any help, as a noder, talk to them!




I just felt like helping out. I am going to get fucking downvoted till I die, and I was only two writeups and 8 xp away from lvl 2 but that doesn't matter to the other god damn 1000+ fucking button happy voters out there... Dont get killed... I hope that this helps you avoid what I've become. Don't get mixed in with the wrong sort. People get fucking killed like that. Like my aunt........