What Is abstinence?

Abstinence is a very simple process. So simple, in fact, that it has only one simple step. That step, though harder than you think, is :

You Do Not Have Sex Before You Are Married To The Person You Are Going To Have Sex With.

Yes this does sound quite hard, but it is not really as hard as you think. After all, how do you think that the nuns and priests and the pope feel, since the fact is that they live a life of celibacy. The only thing that you have to worry about is finding out who you want to date, choose carefully who you are going to marry, and get married. Then you can have all the sex you want, with your husband or wife, of course!

There are numerous benefits to going abstinent. These benefits include:

-Little or no risk of STI’s. The only risk you would have is if your spouse has STI’s

-You don’t have to worry about having heart-break and getting hurt otherwise, from your relationships.

-You have absolutely no risk of becoming, or getting someone else pregnant. Since you aren’t having sex, where will you exchange the sperm?

-No lies. You won’t ever need to lie about having STD’s or STI’s, nor lie about past sexual experiences and the number of people you’ve been with.

-This form of birth control is, I believe, supported by near every religion, and, infact, encouraged by some.

Note: With Abstinence, you don’t have to not date, or masturbate. Abstinence means only not having sex with another person. The definition of having sex with someone else (mutual masturbation, oral intercourse, or dry humping) varies from person to person. You can pick your own.

There are no side effects to this method of birth control, nor are there any symptoms. There also is a lack of complications and a cause, aside from your desire to be true to yourself and to live a healthy and STI free life.

The only side effects that one could think of would be:

-You are more honest to yourself and to your spouse, and to everyone else who asks.

-You are guilt free since you have never given anyone any STI’s or gotten anyone pregnant.

-You are more relaxed about your sexual preferences, and about your sexual feelings.

-You get HORNY!!!!!!!!!

This method of birth control is guarunteed to be absolutely, positively 1oo% effective, or your money back which is a great deal for us, since the cost of this birth control is estimated at $000.00, which is up to a whole lot less than other forms of birth control, such as vasectomies $200-$500, Tubal Ligation $1200-$2500, Norplant $500-$700, Depo-Provera $30 every 12 wks, and even Condoms which can be $3 up. You could say this is the most effective, and best form of Birth Control Yet.

Keep a lookout for that perfect someone. Before you know it, they could bump into ya!