Scene 1: Peter's bitch Romanian Manager has a go at him for not knowing what a Wire payment form looks like.

Scene 2: Peter fights back, stating that he can't possibly know everything about his job in the space of 2 days, and that his bitch Romanian Manager needs to ease up on him, or get herself someone more experienced! Threat completed, Peter sits back in his chair pleased.

Scene 3: Peter outside Canary Wharf, P45 in hand, sad look on face.

I want to call this day my worst ever, but it just isn't, which just goes to show I have had some fucking shitty days in my time. Quite simply it start badly and got progressivly worse.

Didn't get into my 2 day old job in London's Docklands until noon due to the worst train delays I have ever experienced.......EVER! Then I had to get a security pass, but I was told to go to the wrong building........4 times! Ended up shouting out FUCK! twice on pavement due to anger, surrounding public not impressed.

Bitch Romanian Manager expected me to know 99% of my job in the 2 days I have had it. Fired at 5:30pm. Had to stand on train all the way home, due to busyness caused by morning's problems. Have to go on dole, find another job, fund car restoration, combat depression.

26/3/2002 Update- Okay, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, my girlfriend dumped me this morning, I wonder if there's a scale of depression?