I have been unemployed since February of 2001, that's 13 months for all you people who can't be bothered to look at dates and work it out for yourself. I have always worked in offices for a variety of financial institutions. Banks, stockbrokers, asset managers, but also in telecommunications, rubber manufacturers, and a load of other shitty places to work. Last year I studied to be a Fitness Instructor, having become sick of working in offices. I qualified not long ago. I sent my CV out to 50 gyms, and have had 6 interviews with various health clubs, all of which have been unsuccessful, and left me in the pits of depression.

Last week one of my old business agencies phoned me up out of the blue about a position in an accounts department, I said they could put me forward for it as I have nothing else to do. I went for the interview today, acted exactly how I always do in interviews, i.e. nervous and unable to put together a coherent sentence, but I got the fucking job, I found out about an hour ago! On the one hand I'm really happy, well actually more relieved to have got this job. But I can't believe I spend months trying to get into the fitness industry, all the time with genuine enthusiasm, then this shitty little accounts job comes along which I want, but not really badly, and I get it just like that. In one way I'm back to square one. I'm rejoining the ratrace, wearing my shitty suit which I thought I would never have to wear again. It just goes to show you that you can never really plan your life, well I can't seem to. I try to do things, but in the end it just boils down to chaos theory and chance. I still might go into the fitness industry, but I can see myself becoming lazy, and not bothering, and the moneys crap, so basically I'm getting fucked one way or the other. Anyways, I start tomorrow.