Fucking hell, Michael Jackson just completely exposed himself on British TV, as in he just showed the real person, it wasn’t an act at all. My original view of Michael Jackson was just that he was a bit kooky (love that word) who wore the same shit for 20 years, did the same shitty dance he did 20 years ago, and had a fucked up face, and was almost asexual, and was crazy, especially after he dangled his masked baby from a 5th floor Berlin hotel room……..as a joke.

Then I started watching this documentary on him on ITV at 9pm, and yeah, he’s clearly fucking mad, yeah yeah, he acts like a child, yeah yeah he’s obviously had more plastic surgery then the 2 nose operations he says he’s had.

5 minutes later, erm what’s this, having kids stay over at the house, well I guess it could take all day playing on his personal fairground, oh and then you have the inhouse ZOO as well, yeah you might not have time to go home, would be late wouldn’t it, make sense to stay over, yeah I can handle that, no crime there, oh, what’s this, having kids in his bedroom, oi oi what’s going on here then! Why the fuck would a 44 year old man have children sleeping in his bedroom? I ask myself. Well, the kids like to be with him, they ASK to come and sleep in his bedroom, it’s being friends.

FUCKING FRIENDS????!!!!! What the fuck is a 44 year old man being “friends” with a 12 year old???? There’s something fishy going on there. Oh Michael retorts, it’s the best thing you can do for company, to give up your bed for them, to have them in your bed, and position yourself with them. Oh right, so it’s not sexual, okay okay, Im feeling it, Yeah if it’s a double bed there's gonna be some space between them. Then Jacko says they cosy up! What the fuck am I talking about???? A 44 year old man, snuggling up with a 12 year old boy, a whole fucking NUMBER of young boys, oh it’s with their parents permission is it, and you fucking know why it’s with their parents permission, because they’re probably getting paid $500,000 to keep stum about it and give their fucking permission, you think that makes it right?

Then I thought, this guy must be worth million upon million of US Greenback. He can go anywhere, do anything, surround himself with minders and lawyers, and is almost invincible, he’s still inherently popular and accepted by the mainstream media, loved by loads of girls which I just don’t understand one bit, this guy lives in his own world, created and moulded totally by himself, like having the ultimate virtual reality machine. He can do no real wrong, it’s just him being wacky, and the last time I looked, being wacky ain’t a fucking crime!

Then he said that his wife felt sorry for him, and said he should be a Daddy, and deserved to be a daddy, more then she deserved to be a mother, and left him, and wanted nothing to do with the children (apparently, according to Jacko), and she was sorry for him because he used to walk around craddling little dolls, oh really Michael, and you think that’s natural for a man of your age, to walk around carrying fucking dollies, because your maternal instinct is driving you insane. What the fuck are you talkin’ about? Oh and then, he says with all the sincerity in the world, it is his dream, his dream yeah, to adopt two children from every continent in the world, one boy and one girl. Now that’s not just wacky, that’s fucking insane, that is one sandwich short of a picnic hamper, no fuck that, that’s forgetting the food, and the picnic hamper, and the forgetting the car for actually getting to the picnic sight, and you realise you’ve fucking walked there, with nothing! In fucking sane. Why Michael? Why do you want to do that? Why don’t you do what every other motherfucker would do in your position, and fuck as many women as you want, drive some fast fucking cars, you know collect a few Ferraris. Buy your bog standard millionaires mansion in Beverley Hills, forget all this ranch business, and fucking having a fairground and a zoo, that’s not what a man does with millions of dollars, you buy a fucking nightclub, you buy a fucking restaurant, buy a fucking yacht that goes 50 knots even though its bigger then a fucking house, but no my friend, no zoo, put the elephants down. And whatever you do, cut down on the hoards of disadvantaged kids you invite to visit and stay over….in your bedroom!

But then I think, hold up, he sincerely believes that nothing sexual is going on, he comes across as completely disinterested in sex, to the point where you wonder if he knows it even exists, like it’s not natural to him. He pretty much convinced me that nothing fishy was going on, although he did sit next to a boy on camera who claimed Michael Jackson had saved him from cancer and was his best friend, and they sat holding hands, and saying they had shared a bed, and hugged each other in it, he admitted this, and his justification was that they were friends, and he loved children. Now come on, we gotta all agree that that is pure fucking peaodopile talk, there’s no two ways about it, that is pretty fucking disgusting, even if that kid don’t wake up with semen dribbling down their leg, that's just wrong, that shouldn’t happen.

But it’s acceptable, and he isn’t arrested, because he’s a “wacky” megastar, and because people are paid off with ridiculous sums, just so he can do it, he is untouchable. He is the ultimate evil comic character, Jesus Christ, I’m scaring myself. Am I saying what I think I’m saying? Michael Jackson is the most baddest baddy in the world, like that baddy in Inspector Gadget who could never be caught, was he a fucking alien or something? He must have been one rich motherfucker, where do you think he made his money from, the prostitution game or something? Tell you what, that was one smart motherfucking dog wasn’t it…Brain.

That’s the melody to funky town..........combination to what?

You know what I’m saying