Where does all the weirdness go?, a poem

Where does all the weirdness go?
From what we see to what we know
And where does all this truth come from
That we are taught until we're numb?
If what I see is what you see
Why can't you see inside of me?
What's in your head, why can't I know
Where it is the weirdness goes?

What are the truths that make you you?
Are they the same that make you true?
Or is it that you're true at all
If so, why do you erect your wall?
To keep me out or keep you in
So smile and hide behind your grin
Or stop a sec and let me know
Where it is the weirdness goes

We are taught for all our lives
The things we never realize
In a plot to paralyze
Until we meet our timely demise

Where does all the weirdness go?
Close your eyes so you might know
Look and see what most you dread
It's all around but never said
What's new to you is always there
It's different when you see it bare
Fell the wind and how it blows
And hear where all the weirdness goes

This is an original poem and the first time it's been published anywhere. I recently found it while going through my old notebooks. I'm really not one for noding poetry, but I believe this is one of my best poems (found amongst all the crap I’ve written) and I wanted to share it.

Because some have asked, I will offer a brief description. However, I am under the impression that explaining poetry ruins it. Even though I wrote this, I should have some deep incite into it's meaning, but I don't believe verse has to mean the same thing to everyone. Others could interpret it completely different than my original intentions. Also, I think I have problems expressing it's meaning, the exact reason I put it into a poem. That's what so great about poetry. So I believe the poem has far more meaning than this feeble explanation that follows.

The weirdness symbolizes truth. Normality is our perception of truth, which differs drastically from actual truth (if there is such a thing) particularly as we interact with others. On one level the poem tries to get across the point that we do not let people see our true selves and likewise, they do not let us see their true selves. On another level it discuses how things don't have to mean the same thing to everyone. What's true to me isn't necessarily what's true for you. Also, it talks about social control. Everyone is constantly trying to convince us that what they believe is true. And finally it encourages us to just except this and to try not to perpetuate the cycle. Understand that it's ok for people to have different ideas than you and to have an open mind about those ideas.