Do you have problems reading books with a lot of words? Do you find yourself constantly turning to the pages with pictures? Are you entranced by fire? Well, do we have the book for you!

Fahrenheit 451, the Graphic Novel™

This first rate adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic tale of firemen in the 24th century has replace all those cumbersome words with 153 beautifully hand drawn pages, fashioned by the finest art studios in all of North Korea.

Don't get all wet by being the last on your block to own this flamingly spectacular chronicle of Guy Montag, futuristic fireman and outstanding citizen, as he turns to the life of a renegade dissident.

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Here's what some people are saying about Fahrenheit 451, the Graphic Novel™ :

Evan Hancock says, "My English teacher was trying to make me read Fahrenheit 451 for class. In my first attempt to dodge it, I rented Fahrenheit 451, the Movie, which it turns out is worse than the movie for Flowers for Algernon. Then I discovered Fahrenheit 451, the Graphic Novel™ . I read it and got a C+ on my book report! Thanks Fahrenheit 451, the Graphic Novel™ !"

Self declared as Fahrenheit 451, the Graphic Novel™ 's number one fan, Helumt Wienershitzal professes, "While reading Fahrenheit 451, I had problems envisioning those book bonfires. But Fahrenheit 451, the Graphic Novel™ has sizzling images even Hitler would be proud of."

And our marketing manager Helen McCarthy says, "It's a really big hit on college campuses. I keep over hearing them talking about something called dramatic irony, not too sure what that is, but these kids sure love it!"

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