Last night I attended a great Boxing Day party. Being Americans though, it really had nothing do to with Boxing Day, other than the fact that it happened to be the day after Christmas and just a good excuse for us to get together and drink our selves silly. It had been drizzling all night. It was great when the rain turned to snow because it was the first real snow of the year. And when I woke up this morning there was four inches still on the ground. It is pretty abnormal to have the first snow so late in the year. Usually we have three feet before Thanksgiving.

These parties have been a long standing tradition, not Boxing Day parties, but the type we happened to have on Boxing Day this year. We've been having them for seven years now, long before a lot of us were "legal" to drink. It was great to get together with everyone, my real family, after spending Christmas Eve and Christmas with my biological family, my in-laws and my brother's in-laws, all but my father.

This summer my father thought it would be fun to move out, divorce my mother and fuck chicks he works with, after 32 years of marriage. The divorce would be final by now if she would only sign the papers. She won't and it looks like it's going to be a long drawn out process. They say the holidays are always the hardest time to deal with this type of thing. It was weird not having my father there but I don't think it was really hard. I'm really not getting very emotional about the whole thing. I guess my mother is doing a good enough job for the both of us.

Today I have to get back to moving. Yes, we're moving in the middle of winter, something we've done before and something that sucks ass to no end. It's just across town, but we still have to pack up all our shite and clean. Cleaning sucks. Moving sucks. Moving with snow on the ground sucks ass. Any questions?

Although this is my first Day Log entry, I really hate people who make a big deal about it so I've decided not to mention it, promise.