Watch me daylog! Bwa ha ha and other such expressions of mischevious evil!!! OR SOMETHING NARRRR!!!

Today, we got to go outside for English class. This began at lunch, because the other English class taught by our teacher (Mr. Rooney) got to go outside on Friday and seeing as it has been unseasonably warm, and seeing as it is planning to rain for the rest of the week, when Mr. Rooney walked by the lunchtable I screamed "Mr. Rooney! We are going outside today!" and he laughed and said "Oh ARE we?"

In English I used my "little-girl-begging-voice" and said "Mr. ROOooooOOOoooonnneeey-uh, can we go outsiiiiidddeeee-uh, puh-LEEAAASE-uh???!" and imitated the pose people make when they have to pee. The whole class also asked to go outside, and we bothered him for a good solid 10 minutes until we did. I was quite excited and could not sit down.

Going outside is not an entirely rare experience, but most teachers prefer not to, but Mr. Rooney is young and nice. And we are the AP class, so apparently we can be trusted not to run off and smoke cigarettes or somesuch. We ran to the front courtyard (which is to say, I hurriedly skip-hopped while everyone else walked) and once I got outside I grew quite excited, dumped my 30 pound backpack and hoodie (the backpack weighs 30 pounds on its own, not the hoodie) in the grass and proceeded to roll around in it. Andrew Fourna-cannot-spell-his-last-name remarked "Look, it is your only source of nutrition! Eat up!" (making reference to my veganism) so of course I took some grass and ate it. And then Chris Hall called me moronic, so of course I started shouting about how fun it is to be an idiot in the sunshine, and then they told me to "Go run over there! There are animals that need help!" So I ran a ways away and then ran back once Mr. Rooney had sat down on the cement.

At the end of the period, as we were going inside, Chris Hall said he would "do something nice" if I ate a handful of mulch. I replied "REALLY??!" Because he is usually not a nice person. I picked up a handful but I could not think of anything nice for him to do, so I ended up just making him pay 5 dollars to AAVS (American Anti-Vivisection Society) and proceeded to eat the mulch. Actually, it was wood chips, so it took a great deal of chewing to get it into manageable pieces, but I ate most of it. I was standing at the front of the class waiting for the bell to ring with Chris watching me closely to make sure I was not just chewing and not swallowing. Mr. Rooney told everybody to turn and watch, which would have bothered me, but instead he and I ended up talking about vivisection and although no one really seemed too moved, I at least educated them, I suppose. It took me through most of Russian class to finish eating it, as well.

However, I also used his 5 dollars to make him a MEMBER of AAVS, so I win because now he is going to receive a thank-you note and all sorts of electronic and paper mail from them for this whole year. Bwa ha ha I win. Also, so far it is not causing me any digestion problems. I mean, it is just wood chips.

That was so exciting and riveting except not at all. This would be my first attempt at daylogging, and I am not exactly sure why I am doing it anyways, sooo yes. The End.