The original French title of this series was "Les mondes engloutis" (The absorbed worlds). In Norway, it was known as "Shagma og reisen til jordens indre" (Shagma and the journey to the center of the earth). To a lot of people, the series is (fondly) remembered as just "Shagma", which was the original name of the sun - that in the English translation is called Tehra. I'm guessing this might have to do with the "shag"-part, that is also mirrored in other names that have been changed. However, the most peculiar translation must be the change from "Bob" to "Matt".

Original names with their English translations:
Shagma - Tehra (the sun)
Bob et Rebecca - Matt and Rebecca
Shagshag - Tehrig
Un Shaggy - a Triggie (small robot)
Maxagaze - Nasty Max (pirate leader)
Mattymatte - Mighty Matt
Seskapile - Sleazeappeal

Also, the above writeup doesn't mention that music was quite a significant part of the cartoon, with a beautiful opening song and several of the characters having their own theme songs, like "Le flashbic" performed by Bic and Bac and last, but not least the slightly hysterical "Danse des pirates".