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mission drive within everything
My mission, and I choose to accept it, is to meet people on the internet who don't make me fear for the future of society.
Creative writing, poetry explications, random book reviews and food.
If there's a way to avoid doing something I ought to be doing, I'll find it.
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Why I am an English Major

  1. Talking about language and writing makes me gleeful.
  2. Without a creative outlet, I become homicidal.
  3. Intelligent, well-read men make me swoon.
  4. It's the only major that encourages you to be a hermit.
  5. I can discuss literary analysis for days.
  6. Math is as dry as ashes in a Nevada crematorium.
  7. The craft of a true literary master is as intricate and stunning as a Van Gogh.
  8. Have you ever read Paradise Lost?