...Disconnected, Incomplete
Fetching number...
                      Frank Herbert, Beverly Herbert
                      5125 N. Yellow Sage Cir.
                      Columbus, OH 43209
                      (419) 319-1281
                      Credit History... Found
                      Purchasing History... Found - Incomplete
                      Personals... Found


                                ...Voice Analysis Complete
Female 88.9315
48-52 79.23401
Beverly Herbert 94
  alternate SIL Diane Rosenberg 68
            D   Sylvia Herbert 44.55
            DIL June Carver 13.023
Aggressive Reflex Detected
Pacing Sharpened
Switching To Versonality 15b, c

"Good afternoon Ma'am, I am trying to reach Beverly Herbert, is she in?" The sonorous voice poured through the phone, a deep timbre and measured delivery.

"This is she, may I help you?" Her impatience grew, everyone was already outside and in the car, if she didn't hurry the wedding party would be held up.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Herbert, I was hoping for more than a few minutes of your time. If you are otherwise occupied I will be happy to try you at another time."

"Yes, I am, and thank you," she rushed, already hanging the phone up before she'd quite finished the statement.

Filing Voice Print, Beverly Herbert
Callback Scheduled

Fetching number...
                      David Sommers
                      151 E. 52nd Ave.
                      Phoenix, AZ 85070
                      (480) 928-4482
                      Credit History... Found
                      Purchasing History... Found
                      Personals... Found


                                ...Voice Analysis Complete
Male 93.5911
20-25 65, alt +/- 3 20.39 12.285, +/- 6 18.0083 3.45
David Sommers 98.2
  alternate F David Robards 1
Receptivity Index Toggled   ...Complete, Assign 85F
Switching To Versonality 2d, a

"Hello David," purred the soft contralto, red lipstick in a dark room, imagined breath tickling his ear. It got him to sit up straight and turn the volume down on the TV. "This is Megan, Lisa's older sister, from

Checking Personals...
Retrieved, Abraham Lincoln High School

Lincoln? I got your number from her. She said you might be able to help me."

"Oh yeah? Lisa's older sister huh? Was that Lisa Kav.."

The computer stepped over the question smoothly. Monitoring his pitch, intonation and the results of thousands of similar calls, it had a distinct advantage over the young male. "Yes David, you see I've just started this job and it isn't going so well. I was talking with Lis' last night and she gave me a few names and numbers. She mentioned you specifically, said you'd help me for sure."

"Well, sure, Megan. If I can. What do you need?"

"I'm supposed to be selling

Checking Purchasing History...
Index with Product List...
Done, 3 matches

these things, modules, I don't really get it. Lisa said you'd know though. They are like these games? I've got, let's see here," the computer paused, playing for the caller some background noise of keys being struck, "Dark Star Four? That's supposed to be a popular one. Have you heard of it?"

"You bet I have! It hasn't been released yet, it hits the shelves in a few months."

"Oh I'm so glad! Lisa was right then, you are the one I need." How could this not work? "I'm supposed to sell these with these other ones, it's like a package. And I'm doing so bad at it!" The tone of despair creeping in at the end was perfect, by design.

"Wait! You've got Dark Star IV now? I'll take it!"

"Really?! Oh thank goodness," she gushed. "You are really saving me here."

"Wait though, you said it was a package? I don't have that much money here..." as caution returned, too little, too late.

Check Credit History...
Current Balance $153.28
Average Daily Spending $24.84
Calc Probable Deposit...
Calc Expenses...
Likeliest Disposable Income $85.55, round
Optimal Approach 71a selected, Contingent b,d, Contingent 21, 87
Stress Filter Optimized

"Yes," the computer continued. Could it feel anything at all it might feel a little bad here - the sale was a certainty, fish in a barrel. Nowhere in the millions of ones and zeroes was there a feeling however, only the coded approximations of what we call sincerity or sexy. "It is a special promotion to introduce this new game, thing, Vo-ax-el-something. I don't know how you say it. Plus a book, a, strategy guide?"

"Yeah, strategy guide, they go with games all the time. I've never heard of Voaxle anything. Does it look cool?"

"Well, the cover is all space and these ships. Do you like space?" The computer had a good idea he did, it was 71.284% certain.

"Yeah, I like space games. So.."

"All together it's supposed to be $124.99 -"

"I don't-"

Threshhold reached
Contingent b activated, Hold for 87

"but listen. I have two discounts I can use and if you promise not to tell anyone I'll use one for you. I need to make a sale here and get something going. I can take $50.00 off the price so it's only like $83 with shipping. Do you think you could do it?" The subtle note of pleading on the end, the top note in the heady perfume clouding David's senses, secured the sale.

"Yeah, I can help you Megan. That game is supposed to be awesome anyways, it'll rock to get it first."

"Oh that's great! You have no idea how much you're helping me."

Suave now, he's saved the day, "Really, no trouble Meg, so how's Lisa?"

A few minutes later the call is wrapped up, another sale made. Night and day, non-stop but for the periodic reboot, the computer made calls and sales.