Here are a few additional verses that I have heard over my travels with Renaissance Fairs, and groups like the SCA.

Hey ho, Nobody's home

food nor drink nor money have I none,

but I will be very very marry

Hey ho, hey.

Whisle up the winds in the tree tops,

silverly moon on stars dark skys

dance with me in Fairy circles

in the morning with me lye

Rose Rose Rose Rose

Will I ever see thee wed?

I will marry at thy will sire

At thy will

Peace peace Peace Peace

Will I ever see thee come?

I will wait forever and ever

peace peace peace

Ding Dong Ding Dong

Wedding bells ring on April morn

Carved your name on a moss covered stone

On a moss covered stone

Mother father dig my grave

Dig it with a golden spade

Bringmy friends and a turtle dove

To show that I died for love