Eeyore's Birthday Party is a family festival that takes place every year in Austin Texas. This festival started in 1963 in Pease Park, as one of Austin's first sign of spring. The festival became big in Austin's "cosmic" 70's when the city had dropped the drinking age to 18. Even after the Legislature quickly raised the drinking age back up to 21, Eeyore's Birthday Party remained as a costume affair with a strictly Bohemian Flavor.

The admission to Eeyore's Birthday party remains free every year. Now a days this festival does benefit non-profit groups in Austin. These groups come to the event to serve drinks and hot food. The group that run's Eeyore's Birthday does ask that you wear costumes, give you the opportunity to play non-amplified instruments, also provides a may pole for the young and young at heart.

The 38th annual Eeryore's Birthday Party will be Saturday April 28, starting at 11am-midnight. There will be live music from 12-6pm.

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