Like every teenager, Holden Caufield, the main character in J.D. Salinger’s novel "The Catcher in the Rye"; is emotional, opinionated, and searching for himself. However, unlike most teenagers, Holden is so opinionated and hypocritical that it’s hard for him to make friends, and to convey any feelings to them. As a result, Holden puts on different "masks" when dealing with everyone. With children, he is kind and sensitive to their needs, even if he does not know them. With classmates, he tries to act cool and tough. With girls, it’s a whole different story. Any girl he’s ever come across with will know a different Holden. Holden’s emotions and egos differ by the people he interacts with.

Holden‘s younger brother, Allie, who died of leukemia when Holden was 13; was a huge part of who Holden was, because Allie was the one person he could really relate to and talk to. Holden was sensitive and emotional with his brother, and talks of him very fondly - " {Allie} was two years younger than me, but about fifty times as smart" . So, when he dies, Holden’s hope is gone as well. Anger and grief replace what once was normalcy, and change enters. Holden seems like he can’t handle change, either getting angry or stubborn about things he doesn’t like.

When he lost Allie, he lost the part of himself that knew how to truly love and care, which is why Holden is so bitter about life in general.
Holden’s conversations with Stratlader illustrates this bitterness and anger. He says he is "Phony", a jock, a ladies’ man. Stratlader especially annoys Holden when he goes on a date with Jane Gallagher, a childhood friend of his. When Stratlader comes home from this date, Holden purposely annoys him by smoking in the room. "God, how I hated him".

Eventually, Holden’s immaturity and irritating behavior gets to Stratlader and he beats him up.

Holden purposely hurts people because it makes him feel better. It boosts his ego(s). However, all his hiding from himself makes him go insane, and we hear "The Catcher in the Rye" as a flashback from a hapless Holden in a mental institution.

This is another part of "Holden Fucking Caulfield" God, I fucking hate Holden Caulfield.