'Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

It was snowing.

Whether you choose to believe me or not, I don't care, but the first snow of the season is magic.


You wouldn't know that if you listened to the fools on television. Local news people were busy telling everyone to stock up, buy shovels, batteries, candles and so on. A news station in New York was going on the air at 4 am with "storm updates". You would think we were getting a nor'easter. I said to the foolish newsperson on the screen, "It's snow. It's New England. It's November. Get over it!"

There was no response.

The cats looked mildly amused at the sight of me talking to the box, then curled themselves up and went back to sleep.

The magic hadn't happened yet, when I went to bed. But I awoke this morning to a beautiful winter wonderland of soft, wet, white fluffy snow. The cats were waiting outside my bedroom door as usual. They didn't seem to know the magic had occurred. Before I even flicked on the coffee pot, I took them to the big living room window to see the new world. They weren't interested. Because of the snow their enemies were no where to be seen, so the window wasn't much fun for them.

I sat in the dining room with my first cup of coffee, watching as tiny snowflakes fell, adding to the two or more inches already piled there on the back porch. I thought about the expression "silence is golden" and thought no, it's white. Part of the magic of snow is the silence it brings. It becomes so quiet you can hear the snowflakes fall. The world slows to the speed of falling snow and fills the soul with peace.

I know that for some people today will not be magic. This is the busiest travel day of the year in the United States. Snow means travel delays if you're trying to get in or out of New England or New York, and it will delay travel all over the country. But as you're waiting to get to your final Thanksgiving destination, remember when snow was still magic for you. When it meant snow angels, sleding, snowball fights and hot chocolate. Remember waiting with anticipation for the radio to announce your school had closed for the day and the joy that news brought you. Take a moment, as you wait in frustration, and remember. Remember the magic.