Haitian religion is known as Voodoo. It is a mixture of Roman Catholic rituals introduced during the French colonial period, and African theology and magic.

Adjassou-Linguetor - Haitian loa (goddess) of spring water.
Adjinakou - Haitian loa in the form of an elephant.
Adya Houn'tò - Haitian loa of the drums.
Agassou - Haitian loa which guards the Dahomean traditions.
Aido Quedo
Asagwe - Haitian voodoo dancing used to honor the gods.
Avalou - Haitian voodoo dance which means supplication.
Ayida-Weddo - Haitian goddess, where she is also known as Rainbow Snake. Married to Damballa.
Ayizan - Haitian goddess of the marketplace.
Azaka-Tonnerre - Haitian god of thunder, agriculture and farmers.

Bacalou - Haitian voodoo evil spirit depicted by the skull and crossbones.
Badessy - Haitian god of the sky.
Baron Samedi
Boli Shah - Haitian family loa.
Bossou Ashadeh - Haitian loa, king of Dahomey.
Boum'ba Maza - Haitian family loa.
Bugid Y Aiba - Haitian (and Puerto Rican) god of war.

Captain Debas - Haitian family loa.
Clermeil - Haitian god of flowing waters.
Coco macaque - Haitian voodoo implement. It is a stick, which is supposed to be able to walk on it's own. The owner of a coco macaque can send it on errands. If it is used to hit an enemy, the enemy will die before the dawn.
Conga - Haitian voodoo deity.
Congo - Haitian voodoo deity.

Dan Petro - Haitian god of farmers.
Dan Wédo - Haitian loa of the king of France.
Diable Tonnere - Haitian god of thunder.
Diejuste - Haitian voodoo deity.
Dinclinsin - Haitian voodoo deity feared for his severity.

Erzulie - Haitian voodoo goddess of beauty, dancing, flowers, jewels, love and luxury. Married to Damballa, Agwe and Ogoun. She is depicted as a water snake.

Gangan - Haitian voodoo shaman.
Gran Maître - Haitian creator.
Grand Bois - Haitian loa of creation.
Guinee - Haitian afterlife. It is also where life began and the home of their gods.

Hungan - Haitian priests. They lead the peoples in dancing, drumming and singing to invoke the loa.

Kalfu - Haitian god of the night, symbolized by the moon. Thought to be very dangerous.

Lemba - Haitian voodoo deity.
Limba - Haitian loa belived to live amoung rocks. Thought to have insatiable hunger and eats people, even his own followers.
L'inglesou - Haitian loa which lives amoung rocks and in ravines.
Loco - Haitian god of trees, plants and healers.
Lutin - The ghost of an unbaptized child in Haitian voodoo tradition.

Mademoiselle Charlotte - Haitian loa who resembles caucasian women.
Mait' Carrefour - Haitian god of magicians and lord of the crossroads.
Maîtresse Délai - Haitian loa who is a patron of the hountor or tambourine player.
Maîtresse Hounon'gon - Haitian loa which chants the canzo or ordeal by fire in voodoo tradition.
Maman Brigitte
Mambo - Haitian priestess who, together with the Hungan, leads the voodoo rituals and invokes the loa.
Marassa - The twin gods of Haitian voodoo.
Marassa Jumeaux - The ghosts of dead twins in Haitian voodoo tradition.
Marinette - Haitian loa, violent and powerful.
Mombu - Haitian loa who brings storms.
Mounanchou - Haitian voodoo deity.

Nago Shango- Haitian voodoo deity.

Ogoun - Haitian voodoo god of fire, iron, politics, thunder and war.

Papa Legba
Pie - Haitian god of floods.

Simbi - Haitian water snake loa, which is one of the three voodoo cosmic serpents.
Sobo - Haitian god of thunder.
Sousson-Pannan - Haitian loa thought to be evil and ugly, with a body covered in sores.

Ti Jean Quinto - A mean Haitian spirit which lives under bridges and assumes the form of a policeman.
Ti Malice - Haitian trickster loa.
Ti-Jean Petro - Haitian snake deity and the son of Dan Petro.

Ville au Camp - The underwater capital of the loa.