Though we might get flurries here in Connecticut later on today, snow is over for the season.

No more snow angels until the end of the year. Sorry.

I have a half-way decent substitute. Not as great as snow angels, but, they'll do for now.


They are just starting to bud all over my area. The crocus are starting to bud as well and soon the dogwood will be in bloom. Spring has sprung and I think we all need it badly this year.

With the war and the psychobabble dreams I've been having, the past two weeks have been dark and dreary. Seeing the flowers starting to pop has helped change my attitude a little. I hope they'll lift your spirits too. /msg me if you need a special "pick-me-up" bouquet and I'll "pick" you your own dozen and leave them for you on my homenode.

Just for today, though,

Daffodils for everyone!