I remember when I met this guy they shot and killed on tv.

It was the last few weeks of our tour around the world. We arrived in Tripoli for a day or more. The captain of our ship didn't say how long. I left the harbour with a bunch of Japanese tourists and we walked the streets of Tripoli. It was 2002.

Colonel Gaddafi walked into me as I left his hotel, his guards stopped me. Immediately, he questioned us. A Japanese tourist translated and it went like this:

"He wants to know why Japan doesn't like his people, he wants to know why Tony Blair doesn't come sooner, he wants to know why the British people don't come on pass...why don't they fly here for holiday, good time?"

All I could see, inbetween the tourists and hassle, was Gaddafi shaking and looking into my eyes. I could feel the power, the control - even to this day, I can feel that. Sometimes, when I sleep - I can see that moment, I can picture his eyes.

And all I remember when I returned to my cabin is the mistake I didn't make when I finally fell to sleep.