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mission drive within everything
Huh mission? I had a Mission? I forgot... i'm too tired if I get inspired i'll write and pray you like
Caffeine, Sugar, Computers, Electronic gadgets, Animals (Hobbist not specialist)
Don't have one I would change it often.
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Was actually born some day of october in the elder year of 1976, has actually lived and not died once until today a day in april 2002.

He speaks spanish not because he has taken a fancy to it but because he was born in south america, and belive it or not still lives in the same country were he was born.

He is a he, not a she, but that should be clear by now.

He doesn't ever attempts to describe himself thorougly, after all one minute he's diferent than the last and the next he is diferent all again, what is always there? Unchanging? Well a few things, for one an unquenchable love and crave for Beef jerky, sugar, caffeine, start trek episodes, dense sci-fi books and for any gadget made by alien or man that has at least a chip and a LCD screen.

Among other things never leaving him is a unstoppable optimism covered in crunchy pessimism, a rather black and abstract huge humor sense, and the inability to control it, reason for wich he is usually friendly refered of as "SmartAss".

He is Lars_G and will always be Lars_G, he is so at slashdot, and at user friendly, and at irc and other places, so what it's a contraption of his name? he's tired of nicknames, and a nickname won't stand his mood changes for more than a year tops anyhow so better play it safe. You can still see him in a few places as Awen Anam, gaelic (celtic) name he indulged in himself for his study of druidry and which means Creative Soul.

So what more? Nothing
What less? Nothing at all I want it all.

Oh btw hes not used to writting of himself in third person but right now it's fun.

Tip: Don't ask me about electronics, music or animals, you might have your ears removed from you by a procedure of overload.