Terminological confusion:

>Wintersweet jiaozi

wrote "Commonly called potstickers in America and gyoza in Japan, these dumplings are often described as "Chinese ravioli," for some bizarre reason."

Nothing bizarre is involved. The Chinese word is jiaozi, 餃子 in traditional Chinese characters. These are quite similar to Italian ravioli. In fact, "jiaozi" may have been brought to Italy by Marco Polo (but note that some scholars maintain that Mr. Polo never really went to China). Most Americans are quite familiar with the term "ravioli," so calling calling jiaozi "Chinese ravioli" makes it quite easy for people who don't know Chinese to guess what you are talking about. Of course, ravioli should really be called Italian jiaozi, but I don't think such a name change would go over very well.

"Gyoza" is merely the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese characters. Pot stickers are FRIED jiaozi. The correct Chinese word for this is guotie, which translates as pot sticker: 鍋貼.

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