Since my November 30, 2001, my life has pretty much changed completely.

I've broken up with my girlfriend of four years and seven months. The reasons are varied and many. There have always been too many problems with our relationship, and they finally got the best of us. I ended the relationship, but we're remaining friends. It has been really painful anyways to think of my life without her.

Time heals all wounds, and talking with her on and off for the past few weeks has helped me get over the end of the relationship. This friendship is really what our relationship should have been from the start, rather than what we've had over the past years that hasn't worked.

I recently got a really nice raise at work, and I finally got a pay cheque with my new raise on it.. my, that makes me happy. *smile*

And I have a nifty fiber-optic christmas tree that has nifty little lights. It's my friend. It told me yesterday that I was better off, and then it cooked me dinner.