5:45 MDT: Well, woke up today thinking about a girl. I like it when that happens. Well, except this time. I guess it's pretty bad to wake up thinking about a girl other than my girlfriend. *sigh*. (I will always remember my 19th birthday) I've been expecting my four-year long current relationship to be ending soon, and it appears I'm already trying to get another relationship lined up. This is not like me at all. Oh, wait, the other girl that I woke up this morning thinking about is a lesbian who lives three thousand kilometers away. I guess that is like me after all. Anything I can't have (because she's, say, a lesbian, or far away, or I already have a relationship), I want. If you want to see a picture of the object of my desires, go to http://files.moo.ca/3/2/4/7/image13.jpg. It's a little dark, but that's her sitting on top of a table in front of me. A year ago, when I knew she was good looking and fun, but I wasn't infactuated with her Like I am now. The reason I woke up this morning thinking about her is because last night I told her all of this. She thanked me. Which is 'good', you know, but doesn't really do anything productive. Doesn't explain how she feels, doesn't.. nothing. But, hey, she's a lesbian, right? so what's the point anyways.

7:55 MDT: I've been working since 6:30 without seeing her again. *sigh*. I want to talk to her.

9:12 MDT: Ew. I have like a month and a half of back-logged time sheets to fill out. I hate trying to account for my time. I don't even remember what happened yesterday.

10:09 MDT: Finally done timesheets. Phew. At least it's not as bad as poor Crista, who had 4 months of undone time sheets. And that was /before/ she fell ill for three months. She should be back soon, and she'll have lots of time to fill in. Sick day, sick day, sick day, sick day, sick day...

1:13 MDT: Well, lunch is passed. Not an incredible amount of work done since the last entry. Helped a co-worker with some printing problems. He wants to use MFC to print, in one framework call, both portrait and landscape pages. Well, we came up with a solution, but it proved to be infeasible for today's limited computers. Apparently we can't allocate a half gig of memory, twice, instantly. Darn. The girl I was thinking about this morning is now around, and I've been talking to her a bit, but not a whole lot. I guess things haven't changed much, even though I told her how attracted to her I was. Well, that's good, I guess. :)

8:20 MDT: Nothing much new. Talked to the girl for a little bit, but got nothing else accomplished. Did little programming. Noded Heart vs. Mind. I am beginning to get bored of waiting to talk to her again, so I will probably just go to bed soon. Oh, right. I went to see a townhouse that me and a friend are thinking of purchasing. Well, we're looking for someplace to live, and it is relatively cheap and I like it. We may take a look around a bit more, but we both like the place. It even has a nice little dedicated server room, although nobody but us knows it yet. ;)