I watched a news report on this on Star News India last night, but I can only remember a few details:

A rash of maulings have been reported all over New Delhi in May, 2001. This has spawned mass hysteria, with mobs roving the city keeping watch. Several innocent bystanders have already been beaten by angry crowds for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

New Delhi police initially released sketches of a short, extremely hairy man, derived from eyewitness accounts. The following day, they showed a new sketch of a 4-5 foot high monkey-like figure (with, of all things, a metal prosthetic replacing one hand). Most eyewitnesses claim the "monkey man" moves extremely fast, and can leap prodigous distances, up buildings and over walls.

One victim was also shown, with half the toes on one foot ripped off. Due to the claw marks and wounds on the victims, the police are convinced these are animal attacks. However, roving mobs wander the city, beating up unfamiliar people (some are convinced a gang wearing black leather and black helmets is behind it all).

Also, reported multiple simultaneous attacks all over the city have led authorities to believe that more than one of these animals are behind the attacks. Zoologists from the local zoo have been called in to analyze the victims' wounds. There have been no reported animal escapes from any zoos or parks in the city.

This may be another job for those cryptozoologists out there, much like the sasquatch, the yeti, or the Loch Ness Monster.