I am not a geek. I'm fair student, a pretty good athlete, an elegant speaker, but alas the world of computers was always too concrete, the world of programming too abstract. Non-Geek is a stigma I will have to live with through the rest of my extremely productive life.

But one thing I have found that is fun to play with is the realm of Geek Mysticism, from the relation of Ren (the Egyptian concept of True Name ) to Source Code, to the concept of artificial intelligence, Geek Mysticism is a mix of revolutionary ideaology and needing something to think about while getting a caffeine fix or to cope with the pain of sunlight. Oh yeah, and if there are any art styles I think are of special interest to the "mystical" Geekianty, I hope they end up here. If anything you think should be here, related to all of the above, /tell me!

Achieving Cybernetic Immortality
Artificial Intelligence
Cybernetic Immortality
William Gibson
Hal 9000
H.R. Giger
The Matrix
M.C. Escher
Principia Cybernetica
Real Life
Reverse Turing Test
Transhumanity Terminology(Such a good node that I'm almost embarrassed I wasted the nodespace with this metanode)
Turing Test
Virtual Adepts
What do you need to transfer to say you have transferred your mind?