Pink Eye!

Inflammation of the bloody eyes mate! Not to be confused with Red Eye, which is usually an unwanted lighting effect related to taking pictures with the flash on.

Pink eye (Also known as conjunctivitis) in an inflammation of the conjunctiva or Mucous membrane that sits inbetween your eyelid and eyeball.

Here are a few potential causes of this rather painful condition:

If your pink eye doesn't go away after a very fierce blinking session, flushing your eyes from the chemicals or removing yourself from the usual sources like smoke or allergies then you should probably see your Doctor for a detailed diagnosis.

Bacterial and Viral pink eye infections are dangerous as the infection is very easy to share, and in this case sharing is not caring! Usually infection based pink eye is contracted when you rub your eyes after shaking hands with another infected person, or sharing items such as washcloths or mascara brushes.

Viral Pinkeye!

Symptoms of Viral pinkeye!

  • The usual symptoms associated with pink eye: redness in the white portion of the eyeball. Itching, Burning feeling in or under the eyelid.
  • Eyelid swelling
  • Swollen and tender areas just in front of your ears.
  • Tears that fill buckets.
  • Drainage usually clear sometimes thick, and whitish.

The viral infection usually lasts about 5-7 days but can last up to 3 weeks or become ongoing or chronic.

I feel sorry for you if you wear contacts or only have vision in a single eye. This stuff can be super annoying and serious in those sort of conditions.

If it's a virus expect to be off work for 3 to 5 days. Virus's usually can't be treated by medicine, so it's important to do as much as we can to keep you from infecting everybody. At most we can alleviate your symptoms. So if you've been diagnosed with viral pink eye, just because you feel better doesn't mean you are.

Bacterial Pinkeye!

This is what happens when bacteria decide your eye is the perfect place to take up residence.

Common bacterial sources include:

  • Staph infection.
  • Haemophilius Influenzae type b (Hib).
  • Cat-scratch disease (swelling of the lymph nodes)
  • Gonorrhea (I'm not judging but i'm judging...)

Look out for grey or yellow drainage from the eye. Sometimes may cause your eyelashes to stick together. You'll probably experience some mild pain about 1 to 4 on a 1 to 10 scale of pain 10 being the worst. There may also be swelling of the upper eyelid making it appear to droop.