I'd like to start off by saying that E2 is in serious danger and/or end times!!! Things are spiralling out of control and the website is falling apart!!

Yes, that's right. They've gone and made me an editor.

As a new editor, I've decided to come back down from Mount Awesome to let you know what the heck they're doing up there, besides eating ambrosia and playing chess with real human pieces.

All kidding aside, the last month has been a truly enlightening and uplifting experience. When you get your dollar sign, there are LOTS of shiny new buttons. People practically line up to answer your stupid questions about how those buttons work. You spend the first few days reading all the new FAQs and figuring out the syntax of macros and how to delete a writeup and then, oh, God.

You actually can DELETE writeups.

I've been here for 5 years and that statement never hit home quite like it did about a month ago. When you actually have the power/ability/responsibility to delete another person's work, all your noding philosophies and past indiscretions stare you down. I spent a good deal of time in serious introspection about my editorial policy and action plan, only to chuck it out the window. I came to this site to enjoy myself and become a better writer. I'm gonna keep doing just that, only now I'm gonna help others enjoy the site and become better writers, too. Screw the politics. Let's enjoy ourselves again.

I spent the better part of my first month questioning my judgment, conferring with respected peers, and cheering on those who're just getting started. I've introduced myself to many brand new noders, most of whom have been very friendly and enthusiastic. I weighed in on a few editorial discussions, helped out with a quest, wrote a few things. But it's true: most of an editor's job is actually inspiring people to make things better, rather than just axing those nodes the editor doesn't like.

To those who tolerated my newbie editor activities: thank you for your patience, your understanding, and your willingness to keep E2 lovely. I am happy to report that I helped several writers make their work better, did some broom pushing behind the scenes, and swung the axe only when necessary. I have not made anyone cry, I have not made anyone quit, and I have not deleted you-know-what. But there's always next month.