Yeah, my high school is like that. And yeah, Metacognizant is right, private schools are exempt from observing students' rights. It is because they are a private organization that *allows* a student to attend. They may choose who attends and what the terms of that attendance includes, there are no set rules that ensure the induction of a person into the school. Hence the two types of schools: private and public. ((of course, another difference--in the case of CHS, at least--is the four thousand dollar tuition)) "Students who are allowed to attend are privilidged"((quote from a teacher)). These schools are there because of private funding and therefore have no need to follow ((some)) rules set up by local, state, or federal governments.

Just this year, a boy was suspended from Carroll because he came to school with his hair styled in a mohawk. He was not allowed to reenter the school until cut into a more *acceptable* style. Another example is a rule involving nailpolish.

No one, male or female, is allowed to attend Carroll High School with black nailpolish on their nails. The thing I find amusing, is that this is stated no where in the handbook. Amazing how they make these things up on the spot.