Wetherspoon's pub in Birmingham UK. To get to said establishment, you should walk up New Street, from the High Street to Victoria Square, until you see a road to your right, at the bottom of which is a garish amusements arcade. This is Bennett's Hill. Turn right up this road. On your right, you will pass said amusements arcade, The Hill (formerly the Factotum and Firkin) and then the Briar Rose.

Being a Wetherspoon's pub, the Briar Rose is quite similar to the Square Peg, with Monday Club cheap drinks, the Thursday curry club and a rather impressive selection of guest ales. However, it is better than the Square Peg ('sacrilege!' I hear you cry) for the following reasons:

  • It has a tiger-print bar, which is absolutely gorgeous in that camp kinda way.
  • Unlike the post-refit Square Peg, the dining, non-smoking section has not yet taken over most of the pub, leaving plenty of space to simply sit around wrecking liver and lungs. Y'see, telute gets annoyed if we go drinking with him somewhere he can't smoke.
  • It has an area with a children's certificate, meaning that you can take your kids and underage friends in there.
  • It's nowhere near as crowded as the Square Peg, and quieter, as the Factotum next door absorbs anyone who likes loud pubs.
  • It's become the Birmingham equivalent of the Britnoders Arms - it's a scientific law that any Birmingham nodermeet must at some point visit this fine drinking establishment.