2001 live album by Les Barker, delightful Mancunian funnyman, released by Mrs Ackroyd Enterprises. A little hit and miss, but mainly hit: 'Spot the Zebra', 'The Weakest Link', 'Arnold', 'Blessed are the Meek', 'Guide Cats for the Blind' and 'Detritus' have all had audiences in hysterics on the three occasions I've seen him live. One thing it lacks, however, is his fantastic song spoofs such as Bognor, Fair Way to Devon, Born Under a Road Sign and How they Brought the Gnus from Ghent to Aix, none of which are on 'Arovertherapy'.

The title is, of course, a pun on aromatherapy, inspired by Barker's surname.

Track listing: