After Shock comes in two flavours. Red is cinnamon (too sweet) and blue is citrus (tastes like toothpaste). Wetherspoons pubs also serve purple After Shock which was, funnily enough, a mixture of the two, and tasted great. It was called Purple Haze. jmn32 tells me that the Hogshead pub off Leicester Square serves purple After Shock that comes in a proper bottle.

The Square Peg also serves it in little plastic UV shot glasses, red for cinnamon flavour and blue/purple (indigo?) for citrus flavour.

According to the barkeep, the correct way to drink Aftershock is as follows:

  • tip entire shot into mouth
  • hold it in your mouth for ages while holding your breath
  • swallow
  • put two fingers in your mouth, as if whistling
  • inhale deeply around these fingers.

I'm not sure why this is so wonderful, but an Aftershock-drinking friend assures me that it works. The last three steps must be done in fairly rapid succession.