Okay, everybody, all together...

March, march, march...Re....TARDED!

Ah, I feel...well, okay, it didn't help that much. It's move-out day at Rutgers University. I didn't actually know this until today, being a graduate student, but it is. Since I didn't know this, I decided to take public transportation. All the way from Rockaway Park, New York, to New Brunswick, New Jersey. Someone should stamp a big IDIOT on my forehead in big red letters.

It actually wouldn't have been that bad, except that I waited for three, count 'em, three different subway trains, only to find that I'd managed to miss the New Jersey Transit train by about a minute and a half. So I waited in Penn Station for the next one, which got me into New Brunswick after 12. This, after leaving the house at 8.45 am. And then, I got to wait for a Rutgers bus by the grease trucks for a looooooong time. I won't go off on the Rutgers bus system, as dmd has more than accurately described it already, but it's the last day of the exam week schedule, which is even SLOWER than the normal system! Hooray for retardation!

Luckily, retardation is not simply on the part of public transportation. Oh, no. There are loads of stupid people in cars, too. And all of them seem to have relatives who attend Rutgers! (Like I said, it's move-out day.) So the poor bus driver is waiting at an intersection (for those of you who know the area, at George St. and Hamilton St.) for the light to change. Meanwhile, there's a school bus parked on the other side of the road, and there are cars in the right lane. And on the cross street, there are two NJ Transit buses trying to make a left onto the road we're on, trying to go between the bus I'm on and the school bus parked on the other side of the road. Naturally, there wasn't enough room to make the turn. Now, the car in the right lane is just sitting there. The whole intersection is blocked for two cycles of light changes, and she's just sitting there. The bus driver had to get out and tell her to move. HELLO!

So, it took me four hours just to start the damn day.

It can only get better from here. Right? Right? RIGHT?!