Mom had more bleeding problems than we realized yesterday... Her blood count was so low when they checked it today that she had to have 2 blood transfusions to fix it. Again, the hope is that she'll be home tomorrow. I'm not going to hold my breath - Mom just doesn't bounce back from surgery that well, thanks to the diabetes, I suspect.

However, we had the added wonderful time of learning the my uncle John is in the ICU with an unspecified "very sick." My aunt called me to let me know, and she couldn't tell me any more than that - just that he was sick, and if he gets too much worse, that he could join Mom up in Columbus.

Gods, I can't do this... I'm starting to break, and if I have anything else shoved behind my wall, it is going to crumble. It cracked a bit tonight, and I called Rev. Diane. Mom and Uncle John in the hospital, new clinical rotation starting tomorrow, etc. And the purely mundane concern of needing to do my laundry so that I'll have a clean uniform were all I could handle.

So my minister volunteered to come pick up my uniform, take it home with her, and wash it for me. Gods, I have a great minister. How many people have a pastor who will do part of their laundry for them?

I need a hug, a hot cup of tea, and to sleep until it all goes away. Since Dan's at work, I can't have the first. And the third is unfortunately not an option either, as I have to get up for clinical in 6 1/2 hours. I'm gonna go get a cup of tea and spend some time crying into it, I think. G'night.