*sits and stares at the computer, a shell-shocked expression on her face*

My mother has always been one of the most open-minded, tolerant individuals that I've ever met. She was happy when I decided that Wicca was the faith that most "fit" me, she didn't object when she found out I was bi - in fact, she knew for over a year before letting on that my secret was out - she even seemed accepting of the fact I am poly and into BDSM.

So, while we were talking this evening over a game of Fluxx, I mentioned something about talking to my friend, tommy^. I first met him in #bdsm-academy on IRC Undernet - his particular kink is age-play. I affectionately call him "scrunchy-butt" after the diapers he would wear if he really were as young as he plays, etc. He types in the dialect of a small child, saying "fankoo" for "thank you," etc. Well, my mother looked half-disgusted and shook her head, saying "You know a lot of fucked-up people!"

I grinned, trying to laugh it off. I explained that this is simply his kink, much the same as other people who like being spanked, or others who have a leather/latex/(insert name here) fetish. Mom shook her head and told me I was just digging a deeper hole. Again I laughed and made a vague reference about how she wouldn't want to know how many of these kinks I'm into.

Mom again shook her head, saying "I don't want to hear about it. Sometime I like to pretend I have a normal daughter."

*wince* Ow. That stung. A lot. And she knows it. I stiffened as soon as she said it, and started staring out the window to keep my composure. She said something to the effect of not liking the look on my face. I quickly made an excuse and left.

I thought my mother was the one person who, regardless of whatever else happened in my life, would love me the way I am. That is what I was always taught, by her. And now I find she really wants me to be "normal," or at the very least, "more normal than I care to be," as she put it.