~Waking up to the Electric Company shutting off the electricity because your landlady forgot to pay the $230 bill for who-knows-how-many-months really sucks.

~Discovering that you can drive the approx. 20 miles between Parkersburg, WV and the west side of Marietta, OH in 13 minutes, not get stopped by the cops, and not be late for work is a really cool thing.

~4-week-old kittens are loud and everywhere, including climbing the screens.

~Getting a pizza party, paid for by the instructor, during the Psychology class final is very cool. Having Napoli's pizza for that party is not. *blech*

~DairyQueen "Chocolate Extreme" blizzards are not supposed to contain 1. Nerds candy or 2. Pieces of Reese's Cups.

~I knew the Ohio River was polluted, but until today I had never seen a tire floating down the river. I kept wondering if the idiot on the jet ski was going to hit it on one of his foolhardy circles.

~Getting home at 9:00pm and discovering that the electricity still has not been restored, even though the (now very drunk) landlady assured us that she went down and paid the bill and was told that the power would be turned back on that evening, really sucks.

~It sucks even more to have asthma that flares up when presented with both heavily concentrated allergens and hot/humid air. Both conditions very much present tonight. Which is why I am not at home, but rather some 30 - 40 miles further out in BFE, at my mother-in-law's, in her nicely air-conditioned home. And now I'm going to sleep in said air conditioning.