Happy Birthday to me!!

I turned 21 today! I purchased alcohol by myself for the first time. *indicates the bottle of Smirnoff Ice that she is drinking The lady at The Wine Shop was cool - she wasn't even going to card me, until I all but thrust my I.D. into her hands. *titters*

Mom gave me a huge stuffed black panther. It is long enough that it would go from the floor half-way up my thigh.

Dan got me a 3 CD set, The Magic of Ireland - it features music from both Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, two of my favorite CDs. Then Dan took me out to dinner, to Tampico's. Tampico's has the best Mexican food in this area. I had 2 peach daqueris. Ooh, they were sooo good.

I feel so good about myself today - I mean, for the first time in years I put on my "little black dress" and wore it out in public. As almost anyone who knows me can attest, it is extremely rare that I wear any skirts that stop anywhere above my mid-calf, at the highest. But tonight, I put on my dress that stops several inches above my knees. Put that with a black turtle neck (hey, it is winter in the Mid-Ohio Valley, after all), a pair of new black tights, a black thong, and my knee-high black boots, and I looked damn good. *grins* And now, I am going to go drink my Smirnoff Ice and continue being happy.