I am inclined to agree with sarahh. My biological father ceased being my daddy when I was 11 years old and he told me to stop calling him.

I didn't find my Daddy until I was 16 years old. The husband of a woman my mother worked with, Walter had no children of his own. He never would, as he was really unable to deal with children so young that he couldn't have an intelligent conversation with them. (Younger than 9 or 10, roughly.)

I, on the other hand, was perfect. He got an instant teenage daughter without the messy business of raising one. And I got a Daddy who really loved me and cared about my well-being.

Now, though I am 500+ miles from him, Walter is still very much my Daddy. He keeps in very regular contact, making sure I am sleeping/eating right, doing well in my classes, taking my meds, etc.

I get the additional plus with this of being spoiled rotten a few times a year. *grin* There are advantages to being an "only daughter" to a sci-fi con goer.