*sighs quietly*

It is very hard living with someone who thinks that you have just done something both life-changing and stupid.

My mother is just not happy that I am married now - she thinks I'm too young, that I should have waited until after I have my B.A., that Daniel and I are moving too fast, etc. She thinks Dan and I are perfect for each other, but that we are moving too fast. *sighs again*

It helps not at all that Mom's best friend, PJ, works with Pam, the ex-wife of Dan's stepfather. Pam's daughter once accused Dan and his brother (as well as several other friends) of raping her - this was 6 or 7 years ago. It was proven entirely false - a complete lie, made up as an excuse to run away from her father's house. Regardless, stories such as this are being poured into PJ's ear at work, and consequently, being relayed to Mom. PJ is very loud and opinionated - prone to setting her mind to something and not changing it regardless of the proof or logic she is shown. This means that she hears the stories, assumes they are true, and makes the decision to bitch about this - at my mother. This puts Mom in tears - angry and depressed. And, that is on top of the fact she has been moping/pouting/whining for the last week about Dan and my decision to move the legal marriage up.

She takes all of this out by laying guilt trips about anything she can. Housework, money, playing video games, etc.

I don't know how much more of this I can handle. I spend so much time fighting back tears when I am around her now. Why can't she be happy for me? Happy that I am happy and in love with someone who loves me and will take care of me as much as I do him?

Tuesday on the way home from karate class, Dan and I were even discussing the possibility of moving out.