Why does it seem that you get good/creative ideas when you're stoned? I have found the answer to this question. It's because one doesn't see the all the facets or consequences of the ideas.

I have an excellent example of this. Tonight I got the idea of doing a writeup on "Why it seems you good ideas when you're stoned", while I was stoned. At the time I conceived the idea it seemed like one of the best ideas I've ever had. As you can see, it clearly isn't. (Hey that's interesting... check out the node on recursion) Although I spent some time concentrating on what points I would cover in the writeup, they turned out to be completely pointless and off-topic upon later (and sober) inspection. However there is also the possibility that another factor is coming into play here. Could it be that the short-term memory impairing ability of THC is clouding my recollection of what points I had really come up with and I am forced to take an educated guess instead? This just goes to show yet another problem inherent with getting ideas while stoned.

As for the times people actually do get a good idea while baked (and remember it):
1. People can and do get good ideas all the time maybe this time it just happened to come to you while you were under the influence.
2. The person who gets an idea while stoned, and remembers it, can't be that out of when one it considers the short-term memory impairment involved when smoking marijuana.