This book is large. It is translated from 19th Century Russian. If you are in a class, or are a very good/intuitive reader, you will be able to understand the book, assuming you can stand to read it. I read it in 12th grade humanities, in which we spent six weeks on it. This was, by far the toughest book I have ever read, and in the end was worth it, but it's something I will have to re-read someday to get the full effect of it.

A good, quick description of the book (aside from those above) is to do this: name every aspect of humanity that you can think of, and you will be able to find Dostoevsky's ten page analysis of said aspect in this book. The essence and most meaningful part of the whole book, to me, was a later chapter entitled The Grand Inquisitor. This is one of the toughest chapters to read, though it is only 15 pages. I read it five times and still can re-read it again and not fully understand the breadth of humanity which he covers in these words.

The Brothers Karamazov is a highly recommended reading for everyone, in some point of your life. That is, if you care to read Dostoevsky's take on humanity, which I can only hope and aspire to achieve in my short lifetime.

If you want to read the book, an online version is available at Enjoy!