Lookout, node written by a wing-nut ahead:
We may be insane, but not clinically...as for Fargo the movie, there's much more commentary there than just on the climate, but not that interesting unless you've seen it. (Incidentally, you're more likely to find Fargo-esque characters in the upper peninsula in Michigan. As for moving to California or Florida or Texas: I don't think so. California would be nice, and I moved to Minnesota from California, but the cost of living there is ridiculous when you're not in military housing. Florida? NO Thanks, they can't even vote right down there, let alone hurricanes and geriatrics all summer long; Tornadoes are bad enough. As for Texas, I've talked to way too many people who hate it there, and the last few winters, it's been cold and snowy there as well (though not Minnesota cold).

Why would anyone want to put up with 110 degree afternoons in the summer, anyway? Summers here are usually nice (only complaints are skeeters and humidity, and both aren't usually too bad.) Minnesota is a nice place, all around, and it has a not-half-bad tech sector building in the twin cities as well. I guess we mud-ducks whine often, but we do it to keep everyone else away.

Totally different subject for a sec: I can't remember if I've noded this already somewhere, but Minnesotans are not lumberjacks. I've met a few people online that sincerely thought Minnesotans were lumberjacks. sheesh...