Today I found everything2. it made me happy to find somewhere not filled with a bunch of idiots (or, at the very least, a bunch of idiots not afraid to think for themselves and voice their own opinions). I think I needed e2 to occupy my thoughts for awhile. My day went like this:

Woke up at 9, went and rode about four miles on my bike. It was a good ride, i'm finally getting back in shape. Today, I did the last hill before i turn onto my street without downshifting once. HUGE difference from two weeks ago when i had to walk up a third of the hill because I couldn't breathe.

After that, I came home and showered and called around looking for some friends that were available, but found none. So I went back to my hometown and spent a few hours with my parents at The Lumberjack Days in Stillwater, Minnesota. i got free lunch, i got to see a few pretty ladies, some huge houseboats and a local band called The Dweebs.

I then went to my aunts to help move some more of her useless junk still in her friend's garage a year after moving out of that house (with two more moves in between, which i was also lucky enough to have the chance to help out with0 (I REALLY need to get rid of my lil baby truck, I'm tired of moving my aunt). So we dropped half the shit at The Goodwill and dropped the other half at her other appartment.

After that was all done, i drove home and ate some ribs off the grill with my roomate and a friend, then the other people started showing up. You know the type of night. You're sitting there with a few friends chillin over some good grub, then the rest of the expected people show up, with beer in hand. Let the stupid drunks take over! so now i'm the only sober person in the house, with crap music blaring and stupid people tripping everywhere.

So once this classic display of desparation to flee from whatever it is that drove them here for this artificial escape began, i began to peruse /.. i looked over to the links on the side, and saw a link to everything and I figured I HAD to see this site, where they've managed to cram everything into one http address. i loved it, and i spent three hours figuring out what the fuck was up with this site. And now i love it. yes, I think I love it.

After several hours of learning, reading, teaching, chatterboxing, a friend IMed me on AOL instant messenger and i talked with her for awhile. She had been out riding her horse Zammy earlier, and her friend Nutmeg had taken 5 rolls of film of my friend Ang and her horse. She was happy. She can make me happy. Very few people can make another person happy. But she can make me happy, even if we'll never date or have sex. i still love her and she loves me and we're great friends. She's the first person i've driven 6 hours to spend a day with, then drove 6 more home. That says something. (and she's done the same to my house over the summer). I talked to her. I talked about my week, my day, the drunk people behind me, the girl I asked out on thursday, and asked ang's opinion on what this girl meant by "i'm sorry, but I've got plans already, but maybe another night?" You see, I'm very new to being upfront. This is the first time I've asked anyone out after talking ot her for a total of twenty minutes or so. And I decided she meant what she said, even though my paranoid ass says to run and cower and feel sorry for myself. But i resisted. I will ask her out for coffee tomorrow.

And then i went to sleep. I slept well. Good day.