First Post! Whoo!!!

Er, shoot, wrong site.

Dave's new cd Everday is out! Go buy it!
Ok, well, Life's been normal, rather bland, I guess I'd say. Just doing the whole commuting/class/work thing with a social life shoe-horned in there somewhere. I updated my Lego node, hopefully enough to at least get it up to 0 from -2.

So my lil red truck (famous from Turn off your TV) let me down last weekend...decided it'd act up and crack its head open; so once I get my truck back (hopefully by the end of this week) it'll be with a little note with three zeros tacked onto the steering wheel and one of these squiggly S's with a. There goes the financial aid for the semester, so I guess I'm (financially) lucky I still haven't found an apartment.

My sanity, OTOH is an altogether different story. But this is life, and all I can say is phooey on bad days.

Almost forgot, well I did forget, but then I remembered: shameless promotion of the midwesterner noder party!!!!