The day is young, and I sit here this morning writing my thoughts. Here goes nothin:

Wednesday, I went in to work to find a message on Groupwise from the girl I am supposed to have a first date with that evening. Not good. Apparently, she decided she was going to go meet her sister up at the airport, so she canceled the date we made Monday. This confused me a lot. She was interested, but this is just rude. But I guess i'll give her one more chance. Regardless, asking her out was a big step for me in the first place. Oh well, I guess.

Thursday was boring, nothing special. I spent five hours at a coffee shop studying. ick.(the studying, not the coffee)

Friday I woke up at 7, drank a pot of coffee and studied some more. I left at 930 for Calculus to take my final. That went fairly well, i thought. But that either means I did great or I had no clue what the fuck I was doing. I passed though, I'm confident of that. After the final, I went to work for four hours, and I haven't had a friday afternoon drag on like that in a long time. So then i was sittin around at my computer, reading some nodes and trying to get ahold of a friend that was gonna come over, but she had to cancel. And then my friend Angie walked in the door. This was completely unexpected since she sorta lives 6 hours away. I was happy. Angie makes me happy. I am happy. She's tubing down the Apple River in Wisconsin right now with some other friends from down here. (She goes to college here.) We went to the store this morning and got eggs and milk. Then we made breakfast. It was good. I'll update later, but I think we're going out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory tonight :) yummmm!

Well, my little lady-friends are now absent from my presence, but wow, it's hard to believe how refreshing three pretty ladies stayin at your house outta nowhere can be! And on top of that, I got to sleep with Angie ;) (not that way, silly) Ah well, tomorrow's another day, and hopefully Christina will agree to hook up with me then.