We had spent hours on the phone in preparation from the choice of underwear, choosing what wear and to the hairstyle, building the anticipation. As I applied my make up you told me in great sensuous detail what you would do if you could be there with me. Creating an image and feeling so strong that I thought you were there. I left full of anticipation and need, safe in the knowledge that you also felt the same and you wished me well on my hunt.

As I walked out the door I could feel your hands upon my body and your voice running down my spine like a piece of cotton velvet, even though you are half a world away.

I arrived at the club, it was full of dark clothed bodies, smoke and pulsing music. The bar beckoned and I slid among the gorgeous bodies judging and evaluating as I went. I purchased a drink, the hunt began.

Weaving amongst the crowd I encountered friends who knew I was out hunting, they offered advice, gossip and pure speculation on the various quarries that caught my eye. The hunting was good, young men in PVC trousers, voluptuous women in corsets, high goth men in frock coats and frothy shirts, punks with high hair and studded jackets and dour women in trailing lace gowns. I sit and admire the seething throng as I slowly sip my drink, watching for something that reminds me of the velvet edged voice that drips with desire.

I met a previous conquest his demeanour cocky and sure, his whole fa├žade oozing raw sexuality and blinding self-confidence, a perfect mix. He appeared once, just to tease and flirt, I gave him the satisfaction of being enamored with his disguise and I trailed my finger tips across his jaw. He purred like tiger and proceeded to kiss me, a kiss that I imagine could be yours. Soft and sensual sending sensations down my spine, making those around us feel uncomfortable of the raw sexuality that rolls off us, my body tightening with memory and in anticipation for the rest of my night. The kiss causes my mind to leap forward to the airport in a couple of months time, I smile a secret smile and leave to find a fresh quarry.

He sat opposite me, head to foot in black leather, not very tall, mildly handsome but that was not what drew me to him. His eyes, hazel and clear, the thoughtfulness and serenity twinkling in their depths once again placed you at the forefront of my mind. His kiss did not hold me like the other conquest, it was the eyes, I feel as if I am building you from pieces that I collect out of my hunt. As I flirt and tease my handsome quarry I make certain that he understands that this encounter will be only a night, passionate and unlikely to be revisited.

I lay curled in a stranger's arms, his scent new and exciting, the warmth of another body comforting. As I drift towards sleep sated and wistful I think of that voice that feels like cotton velvet running down my spine. A smile curls my lips as the stranger's body becomes yours in my dreams and I loose myself to your kiss and drown in your eyes, satisfied.