It never ceases to amaze me how rapidly holidays and free days become consumed with work or some sort. I do not know if this is restricted to my immediate group, or a wider occurance. I suspect the latter.

Between homework, housework and other assorted mandates, I found time to attend a function for my newspaper class - ironically enough the time it took was roughly equililant to what I normally spend on the class on mondays - two hours. As an editor and as a person apt to waste time, I found myself attending. It is amazing how something as utterly mundane as bowling can seem so interesting at the time, when all you are really doing is sitting most of the time watching the freshmen go wild because the automated score machines let you change your name on the screen as often as you wish. As we headed home, one of the other seniors commented that we would be getting home at about the same time that we would on a normal school day if we did not participate in so many after-school events.

Sitting at home on my "free" day, while pondering what, exactly, my math textbook's authors were thinking, I am struck by the fact that assorted obligation over which I have little control made it so that I actually had less free time than I would have normally had on a weekday.

Sometimes I used to wish for an 8th day of the week - another day of the weekend so that I would have time to actually slow down. I now realize that I would just fill it with pointless activities and makework anyway - the same as I do most of my other days.