Created on April 29th 1627, by Armand de Richelieu, also called Compagnie de la Nouvelle-France

The Compagnie des Cent-Associé, which literally means The Hundred Associates' Company, was created by the partnership of 100 French merchants and aristocrats that wanted to develop (colonize) la Nouvelle-France (New France). The company had a monopoly on fur trade in the New World and had the right to gring up to 300 colonists every year.

The company was revoked in 1663, when Louis XIV, king of France since 1661, realize that the company never did any effort to populate New France (in 1663, population in New France is estimated around 2 500, and New England around 80 000). The king brought back New France under the yoke of the French crown and was now in charge of the colonization.